Interview questions. Questions that employers & employment agencies don't always need to ask ...

Just like there are many questions that an interviewer can ask, there are many that he cannot ask. Some questions are illegal to ask. Many people don’t realize that there are off limit questions for employers. That is why we felt that it was important to include them.

When or if you do encounter some of these questions there are ways that you can choose to respond to them. Since some people would probably answer them, it is good to know that you don’t have to answer those kinds of questions. You can simply ask how those questions pertain to the job you’re applying for.

Here is a list of the Interview questions that In Some Countries an interviewer cannot ask ...

1. Questions about your age are not allowed during an interview because it should not be a factor upon hiring you.

2. Questions about your marital status are inappropriate and can easily be mistaken for sexual harassment. This question also applies to whether or not you have children, your child care plans etc. This type of question also includes any other aspect of your personal life that should not effect your chances of being hired.

3. Questions about your personal health are also off limits.

4. Questions about your ethnicity should not be asked by an interviewer or answered by the person being given the interview.

5. Your sexual preference cannot be a factor in your chances of being hired either. This type of question should not be asked.

6. Whether or not you have disabilities is a question that should not be asked either.

7. Your arrest record is information that doesn’t have to be answered. All an interviewer can ask you is if you have ever been convicted of a crime, they cannot ask you what for or how many times.

8. Basically, personal information cannot be asked by an interviewer. It is illegal, and you do not have to respond.

The post Interview follow-up

Now that the interview is over, the hard work is over, but you still have to follow up on the interview later. Sending a thank you note is the best way to start. The thank you letter should be written with your thanks for their time and consideration in seeing you.

If you haven’t heard from the employer within a week, you should call the office to ask if they have reached a decision yet. This is not being pushy; it shows your enthusiasm and persistence. If they haven’t reached a decision, ask when you might expect to hear from them. If they don’t give an answer try again in another week and so on.